First tiger ‘killed in Sidr’ found

The first carcass of a tiger since Sidr had ripped the Sundarbans asunder, was found floating in a canal there yesterday morning, believed to have been killed in the cyclone.

A group of forest guards found the rotting carcass in Ghagramari area under Changmari station of Chandpai forest range while on regular patrol.

Forest officials buried the dead tiger in Karomjol patrol area following an autopsy.

Md Shahidullah, divisional forest officer of Chandpai range, told The Daily Star yesterday evening that it was an adult tiger of 3 feet 11 inches in height, and 8 feet 5 inches in length including the tail.

“The body of the tiger was so rotten, we could not even skin it,” said Shahidullah.

The forest officials said they believe it was killed when Cyclone Sidr struck the country on November 15.

Earlier, officials of the Department of Forest said they found 33 carcasses of deer since the cyclone. Experts said at least 25 percent of the Sundarbans was destroyed by the wrath of Sidr.

Following a tornado in 1988, nine carcasses of tigers were found floating in rivers and canals of the Sundarbans.


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