American Lessons to Third World Nations

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Posted by xanthis on November 30, 2007

This is a true story, has its characters those are prominent men of our society and from international corporate arena too. So I am going to describe in such a way where there will be no names.

It was in a party, took place in Dhaka few days ago was attended by some of corporate big shots. Inviteds were mostly Bangladeshi and some of Pakistanis, Sri Lankans & other foreigners those are living here for professional purpose.
During the party a Sri Lankan once asked a Pakistani, “What’s really happening in your country?” The Pakistani told him “I actually don’t get what’s happening or what’s really gonna happen.” This discussion was also being attended by a Bangladeshi who is a very rich & famous chartered accountant from old days, was asked the same question by the Sri Lankan. That Bangladeshi simply answered, “I am also not sure about my one.” There was a wave of smiles between three men and then the Sri Lankan said, “As few days have passed I am living in you country, I had the chance to go through your newspapers a bit. I have got match between one of your present administrative big shot with one of stories which is about some Sri Lankan minister. Here is the story-

The Sri Lankan minister was often to go to US for necessary or unnecessary reasons at the cost of Government. Once he was there for quite few days & got invited to the party thrown by a US politician, an administrative associate. He naturally went to that party and was thundered by the palatial residence of that American politician. That minister has done lot of corruption in his country but this palatial residence was a real blow for him. During the party, he asked that US politician that how it was possible. That politician took him to the balcony and told him showing to a river,
-Do you see that bride upon the river?
-Yes, off course.
-Yeah! I made 5% off that. Understood how this home been made?

Then, that Minister came back to Sri Lanka & years later. Somehow that American was invited to his residence at a party. This time the blow was for the American. The guy who has already a palace in America, hit with a much bigger thunder, looked at the residence of the minister, who once asked him about his residence in America. The American’s first question to him was,
-Oh God! How you’ve made this?
– (smiled) Come on! It was simple. Come with me.
The minister took the American to the balcony of his residence and told,
-Look at there, do you see the river?
-Off course yes! Its there!
-Do you see any bridge upon it?
-No! How can I see? There is no bridge there.
-Yeah! I made 100% off that.””

The Pakistani & the Bangladeshi gentlemen were looking at the Sri Lankan while finally he ended up with his story. Nobody has asked anonymity in the post but I have deliberately skipped names. Because these men are prominent & famous and anybody will recognize them if I mention names.



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  1. Interesting thing is… right now our man’s brother is in USA, maintaining liaison with some of Bangali Communities over there, which concerns about propaganda in favor of this regime to Bangladeshis in USA, Canada.

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