Jamuna Resort-A nice place for vacation.

A cotage in the Jamuna Resort

Nothing in life should be taken for granted, last of all nature’s bounty, because nature is the very crucible of life. When you are in Jamuna Resort you can truly enjoy all elements that sustains the life on earth; sunlight, fresh air, good foods, or simply come here and stay few days to imbibe wisdom from the sky, the clouds, the flow of river, the seasons, or to enjoy misty morning, or to get the feeling of fogs, or glittering moon, twinkling stars; in fact in Jamuna Resort you can feel many beings and things of nature. Therefore, we are proud to invite you to Jamuna Resort to tune yourself with beauty and rhythms of nature. It is the place where joy of life to be experienced. The bridge looks as majestic as the river itself.

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