Jamuna Resort-A nice place for vacation.

A cotage in the Jamuna Resort

Nothing in life should be taken for granted, last of all nature’s bounty, because nature is the very crucible of life. When you are in Jamuna Resort you can truly enjoy all elements that sustains the life on earth; sunlight, fresh air, good foods, or simply come here and stay few days to imbibe wisdom from the sky, the clouds, the flow of river, the seasons, or to enjoy misty morning, or to get the feeling of fogs, or glittering moon, twinkling stars; in fact in Jamuna Resort you can feel many beings and things of nature. Therefore, we are proud to invite you to Jamuna Resort to tune yourself with beauty and rhythms of nature. It is the place where joy of life to be experienced. The bridge looks as majestic as the river itself.

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The Jamuna Resort

For the busy mind of modern life it’s a complete leisure zone that blends corporate flavor into a holiday environment. Those who love the pleasure of modern life, in a modern way this is completely a different experience.

There is every modern facility in the resort. There is swimming pool, Basket ball coat, Tennis coat, Badminton coat, Vollyball coat, Football field and other entertaining materials also available there for both old, young and children.

If you are lucky you will able to see the Deers also in the resort.

There is a Museum which has a rich collection. There is gym, pool table, resturant and everything you want. It seems a very nice place for holiday for me. I liked the place very much.

Exclude this, picnic facilities are also available there as well as conference facilities.

Jamuna River

The Jamuna River is one of the three main rivers of Bangladesh. It serves as the main branch of Brahmaputra River, which flows through Tibet (China) and India.

The Jamuna was a barrier in establishing a direct road link between capital Dhaka and northern part of Bangladesh better known as Rajshahi Division until 1996, with the completion Jamuna Multi-Purpose Bridge.

It is one of the largest bridge in the World and a great bridge. It’s structure and size will attract you and specially the views of it.

You can take a river cruise in the Jamuna which will give refreshment to you. There is boats availabe in the Jamuna River.

It’s beaty will amuse you I am sure about it.

Jamuna Bridge

The Jamuna Bridge is currently the 12th longest bridge in the world, according to available information, and provides the first fixed crossing of the Jamuna River linking eastern and northwestern parts of Bangladesh. The location of the bridge is shown on the map alongside. It crosses the Jamuna River (the main channel of the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh) from Bhuapur on the East Bank to Sirajganj on the West.


The main bridge is 4.8 km long with 47 main spans of approximately 100 metres and 2 end spans of approximately 65 metres. Connected to the bridge are East and West Approach Viaducts each with 12 spans of 10 metre length and transition spans of 8 metres. The total width of the bridge deck is 18.5 metres.

The crossing has been designed to carry a dual two-lane carriageway, a dual gauge (broad and metre) railway, a high voltage (230 kV) electrical inter-connector, telecommunication cables and a 750 mm diameter high pressure natural gas pipeline. The carriageways are 6.315 metres wide separated by a 0.57 metre width central barrier; the rail track is located along the north side of the deck. On the main bridge, electrical inter-connector pylons are positioned on brackets cantilevered from the north side of the deck.

You will enjoy the view of the bridge from a boat if you take a river cruise.

But I will tell you one thing. You must not miss the chance to see the bridge in the night. Because in the night, the bridge looks more beautiful I think than the day. It will give you a great feeling if you able to see it at night.


At last I will tell you that it is a great place for your holiday. If you want to enjoy, I will tell you to visit this place for one time. I am sure you will enjoy your time.

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