Remains of Birshreshtha Hamidur brought home

Remains of Birshreshtha Hamidur Rahman being brought to Bangladesh at Bibir Bazar in Comilla from the Indian state of Tripura yesterday.

The remains of Birshreshtha Hamidur Rahman were brought home yesterday, 36 years after he embraced martyrdom in a battle with Pakistani occupation forces.

Thousands of school students and villagers stood in line on both sides of the 15-kilometre road stretching from Bibir Bazar check post to Comilla town as the remains of the war hero were brought from Tripura, India. They showered Hamidur’s coffin with flowers.

The coffin draped in national flag was brought through the check-post at about 2:50pm.

Hamidur was killed while fighting with Pakistani army on October 28, 1971. His fellow freedom fighters buried him at Hatimarachara village of Tripura.

Later, he was awarded with “Birshreshtha”, the country’s highest gallantry award.

The remains of the 17-year-old freedom fighter were exhumed from the grave on Sunday and handed over to a Bangladesh delegation, reports AP.

His remains will be brought to Dhaka today.

Later, the remains will be taken to National Parade Square where 21 gun salutes will be heralded to pay tribute to the war hero, said a press release of Inter Services Public Relations.

Hamidur’s remains will be buried in state honour at Mirpur Intellectuals’ Graveyard today.

President Iajuddin Ahmed will receive the remains and place floral wreaths on the coffin.