I found some jokes on the web and presenting these to you.

Good: Your wife doesn’t talk to you.
Bad: She wants divorce.
Very bad: She is a lawyer.

Good: Your son is growing up.
Bad: He has a relationship with a whore from the neighborhood.
Very bad: Just like you.

Good: You are explaining to your daughter about birds and bees.
Bad: She interrupts you.
Very bad: And corrects you.

year old man comes to his doctor looking depressed.
He says “Doc, I think I’m impotent.” Doctor sits him
down and begins the standard speech he gives to senior
citizens, about how as the body ages bodily functions
slow down and it is completely normal to suffer some
decrease in sexual desire. How the man shouldn’t worry
or become upset about it, but should just relax and
things will probably be completely fine and
blah blah blah. Finally the doctor asks “When
did you first begin to think you were impotent?”

“Three times last night, and again this morning.”

A policeman comes to the office with one black shoe and one white shoe. His boss starts to yell at him:
– You are ruining police reputation, go home and change the shoes.
The policeman goes home, and comes back after a while.
– Boss I have a problem, the other pair of shoes at home are black and white, too.

CNG price doubled.

The government has almost doubled the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Raised to Tk 16.75 from Tk 8.5 a cubic metre, the new rate takes effect today.

The caretaker administration has also decided to re-fix fares of CNG-run auto rickshaws and cabs, said a handout issued yesterday by Press Information Department (PIB).

Owners of the CNG-driven transport were asked not to increase fares until the new rates are settled. The government would not accept any hike in fares on the pretext of spiked price of CNG, added the PID release.
The reason for the hike is to reduce the losses that Petrobangla has to incur for upward trend in prices of liquid fuels on the global market and the widening spread between buying and selling prices of gas.

In July 2004, CNG was priced at Tk 8.5 per cubic metre when octane would sell at Tk 35 a litre.
“At that time, the price of CNG was 25 percent of octane’s. Now after the new price, the ratio remains the same as the price of octane by this time has shot up to Tk 67 per litre,” observed an energy ministry official.

Back in 2002, when the natural gas was introduced as an alternative fuel in the country, its price was Tk 7.45 per cubic metre.

Presently, around 1,32,000 CNG-fuelled vehicles ply the roads in Dhaka, Chittagong and Comilla. The number of CNG pumps stands at 229 with 19 more set to be opened within a couple of months, said Petrobangla sources.
CNG sector consumes two percent of 1,750 million cubic feet gas produced per day, they added.

Besides increasing the price of CNG, the government has made it compulsory for the filling stations to set up generators within the next eight months.

Sources in Petrobangla said the new price would help increase revenues of the state-run corporation. From sale of one cubic metre CNG at Tk 8.5, Petrobangla used to earn Tk 2.37 while the rest would go to fuel station owners. Now it will get Tk 9.97 from Tk 16.75.

In the wake of galloping prices of conventional fuels and environmental concerns, the government has been encouraging people to convert their vehicles to run on CNG that is low-priced and considered to be eco-friendly.

The use of CNG as motor fuel started becoming popular with more conversion plants and pumps being installed in the private sector.

শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪১৫

শুভ নববর্ষ ১৪১৫

সবাইকে নববর্ষ-এর
শুভেচ্ছা। চলে গেলো একটি বছর। এলো আরো একটি নতুন বছর। নতুন বছর বছর আপনার জীবনে
নিয়ে আসুক সুখ ও শান্তি।

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আলু দিয়ে রকমারি রান্নার রেসিপি

আজ আমি আপনাদেরকে আলু খাওয়ায় উৎসাহিত করার জন্য আলু দিয়ে কিছু মজার খাবার তৈরীর রেসিপি পোস্ট করলাম। রেসিপিগুলো দেখতে হলে নিচের মোর লিঙ্কটি তে ক্লিক করুন।

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আলু-মাছে বাঙ্গালী!!-আলুর ছড়া (তন্ময়)

এই আকর্ষনীয় কবিতাটি লিখেছেন তন্ময়। কবিতাটি আমি এই সাইট থেকে পরলাম এবং আপনাদের জন্য আমার ব্লগে পুনঃমুদ্রন করলাম। সবাই কবিতাটি পরবেন এবং অবশ্যই মন্তব্য করবেন।


বেশি করে আলু খান’
বলেছেন সরকার
ভাত খেলে মেদ বাড়ে
এটা জানা দরকার

প্রতিদিন দুপুরেতে
ভাত খেলে পরে
দু’চোখেতে রাজ্যের
ঘুম এসে ধরে

ভাত ঘুম দিয়ে দিয়ে
আজ মোরা বাঙ্গালী
শুধু কাজে ফাকি মেরে
হয়ে গেছি কাঙ্গালি

ভাত খেলে ক্ষতি হয়
সচেতন হও তাই
চলো সবে ভাতে ফেলে
বেশি করে আলু খাই

আলুর পোলাও খাব
আলু দিয়ে কাচ্চি
আলু দিয়ে পিঠা-পুলি
দেখ মোরা খাচ্ছি

আলু খাব ডিনারেতে
আলু দিয়ে নাস্তা
গরীবেরা খাবে রোজ
গোল-আলুর পান্তা

আলু দিয়ে বার্গার
আহা কিযে মজারে
ব্যাগ ভরে তাই শুধু
আলু কিনো বাজারে

আলু দাও চাইনিজে
আলু দিয়ে সিচুয়ান
আলুর ফিরনী খেয়ে
ভরে যায় মন-প্রান

আলু খেলে বল বাড়ে
রবে নাকো কাঙ্গালি
আজ থেকে মোরা তাই
আলু-মাছে বাঙ্গালী।।


আপনারা পুরো কবিতা এবং এই কবিতা নিয়ে বিভিন্ন জনের মন্তব্য পড়তে হলে এই লিঙ্ক এ জান-

It is Hidden Hunger.

Some recent pictures which I found over the internet.

Photo: Shafiuddin Bitu

May be he is a drug addict, may be he is a mentally or physically retarded person, may be he is a poor father unable to feed himself after exhausting all the food for the children at home or may be he is all of the above. Basic food of poor Bangladeshis is rice and the rice price has skyrocketed beyond the reach of the poor over the last year. In such situation the people in the extreme edge of the society are usually the first victims. The vulnerable groups are usually the homeless, the poorest of the poors of the society. And among them the first to fall through the safety net are the mentally-physically disabled persons, drug addicts, the elderly and the children. It has been many years I last saw a skeleton image of a Bangladeshi citizen. I was getting used to the fact this sort images may only come out of Bosnia concentration camps or Somalia or else. This skeleton image of the man comes to me as a rude awakening.

News reports of hunger death started appearing scattered in our print media. This report confirms several hunger deaths.

Lines to buy rice. People are waiting in line for several hours to buy rice.