BSF Killers-Killing Continues!!!

I just completed my previous post “BSF-The Killers!!!” and was watching Television News and shocked to see the news.

BSF still contiounes killing Bangladeshis.

But this time is in Jessore.

The BSF shot dead two Bangladeshis on Chougachha border in Jessore Saturday, a day after two BDR members were killed by The Border Security Force of India (BSF).

The dead have been identified as Rezaul Islam (32) and Zainal Abedin (35) of Sukh Pukuria village under Chougachha, Jessore.

BDR Jadavpur company commander Mosharraf Hossain alleged that the BSF had killed the two Bangladeshi youths without any “provocation”. [In my just previous post I wrote that BSF’s regular duty is to kill Bangladeshish regularly and it is just an example.]

“Rezaul Islam and Zainal Abedin were near the barbed wire fencing in Panchpirtala border area around 5am, Hossain said. “At the time, BSF members from Moshrumpur border opened fire on them.”

Rezaul and Zainal collapsed in a hail of bullets and died on the spot, the BDR officer said.

The patrolling BDR members hearing the gunshots retaliated with rounds of blank fire.

BSF dragged the bodies into the Indian territory, the BDR officer said. (In my just Previsous post I also metioned that BSF took the dead body to India after killing)

Indian border guards gunned down two BDR men on the Raghunathpur border in Chapainawabganj early Friday, which coincided with a two-day foreign secretary-level meeting between Bangladesh and India in New Delhi.

Following the incident, the BDR and BSF members held a flag meeting, where Bangladesh border guards pressed for a probe into the killings of the BDR officers.

But I know that it will do nothing. Because BSF will continoue killing and Bangladesh will talk about peace and Indian media will focus the news like that-“Two Bangladeshi smugglers were trying to enter India and they warned them but they didn’t hear and they fired and killed the smugglers.”


  1. I don’t know why BSF always do like this? What is their goal? Why they kill innocent people of Bangladesh? Most of them are civilians. They also kill BDR often. What’s there problem?

  2. I know how it would make you feel as an Bangladeshi, what ever has been reported in the media which you have been following.

    I must show you the other face of the coin also. I will never forget the images of bodies of 6 BSF soldiers being handed over by your BDR on a bombo sticks with bodies hanging like those of dead animals on that.

    As a human my heart goes to families of those 2 slain soldiers of BDR but my strong feelings for those ppl who showed such dis-respect to dead will never go away. We have millions of illegal Bangladeshis in our country who are involvedin all illegal things, ofcourse thanks to our politicians.

    Most of the Indiaians like me always think WHY ?? .

    So my dear friend, look into your home before accusing neighbourer who have always helped you and got only hatred and giving sanctury to ppl who have killed innocents in India and keep on doing so.



  3. Thanks for your comments.

    I also know how it would make you feel as an Indian after reading the true fact.

    I want to remind you that BSF Men were killed inside Bangladesh and near one kilometer inside the border. At first the question come that why so many BSF men crossed the border? In my previous BSF-The Killers!!! post, it indicates that BSF again enters into Bangladesh. It is not new. BSF cross the border regularly. Why? Why they enter Bangladesh.

    Yes, it was inhuman act to hang BSF men like that. But it was done by civillian villagers of the villege where the firing occurs. Not BDR. And that time villagers said that BSF regularly come to their village in purpose of robbery.

    I want to remind you the news like that-
    “early 300 heavily- armed BSF jawans entered Roumari to attack the Baroibari post, reportedly to avenge the “defeat” at Padua. Baroibari is also a land of “adverse possession” under Bangladesh’s control. The BSF suffered heavy losses in the April 18-19 clashes. As the story goes, when the BSF opened fire on a BDR camp the BDR personnel did not retaliate immediately, giving the impression that there was nobody inside the camp. But they struck when the BSF moved closer to the camp. With the help of quick reinforcements from nearby border posts and the support of the people of the village, the BDR launched a full-scale counterattack. Heavy exchange of fire continued for more than two days, forcing nearly 10,000 people to flee their homes. The bodies of BSF men were lying in the paddyfields for more than two days as the fight continued. The people recovered several bodies from the fields and handed them over to the BDR later. Two injured BSF men were flown to Dhaka by helicopter for treatment.”

    I want to remind you that time three BDR men were also killed inside Bangladesh by BSF. BSF men dead body inside Bangladesh clearly indicate that BSF was aggressive and they attacked BDR and BDR just tried to self defense. But BSF always open fire first.

    So first answer me why BSF cross the border?????????

    You said We have millions of illegal Bangladeshis in our country who are involvedin all illegal things. I want to say you that, like that, Many illegal Indians in our country who are involved in all illegal things. Recently Bangladesh handed eight terrorist to Assam Police. And this happens in the country sharing same border.

    And I must say as your reply, India is a good friend of Bangladesh, But it was never a good neighbor.

  4. And about that in human act, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, On April 22, Sheikh Hasina spoke to Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, saying that the BDR had to open fire “in self-defence”. She also expressed her shock and grief over the casualties and agreed to order a high-level investigation into the circumstances that led to the incidents on the border and the allegation of torture of BSF men. But have India done like this ever to Bangladesh?

  5. Hello Patriotindian,

    Nice to hear your name. Your name says you love your motherland that is the most important thing for a countryman. A pure nationalist is what a nation badly needs during both of her good and bad times.

    Also great to hear about your condolences for the families of Shahid Havilder Hannan and Shahid Lance Nayek Krishna. Thanks for showing respects to our soldiers.

    Keeping other of your complaints aside, I want to ask you a question. Don’t think I’ve forgone your complaints, I’m just throwing lights on something else.

    According to one of your own news agencies, which is named Sify if I ain’t wrong, the Durlavpur shootout (where two soldiers of ours were murdered) took place above 1200 yards inside Bangladeshi territory. 1200 yards means nearly a mile. What is the reason that could be shown by BSF to infiltrate 1200 yards inside the neighbors territory? No hard feeling, this is a simple question.

    Now let go through your getting sore about handing over of 6 BSF jawans in 2001. Dear Patriotindian, if I only consider the timeline from last February to this date, 21 Bangladeshi citizens have been gunned down by BSF with or without reasons at frontier areas. None of them were left in Bangladesh territory; bodies were taken to BSF camps and we had to be in Flag meetings for them. We had to beg for their bodies, we had to wait until fellow BSF officers get enough generous to handover the corpses of our countrymen. On the other hand, after the battle in 2001, your BSF members have been handed over by our villagers unconditionally. What do we see in war films? Enemy soldiers are lynched, their corpses are deformed, we cannot even recognize them as remains of human being. Did any of those happened to your BSF soldiers? No. They were simply handed over to be taken to their own homeland. Now, you think of ourselves, when we are not used to get back the corpses our countrymen those are kidnapped or killed by BSF soldiers. Our frontier citizens are constantly agitated. They have cattles to live on. Cows and buffaloes don’t understand what is international border. When they cross it, nobody stops them. But when their Bangladeshi owners closes near to the border to bring back their cattle, they are shot and their bodies are taken. What can we expect from them? What generosity and decency I should ask for from them?

    I hope you will understand.

  6. I am still waiting for patrioticindian comments.

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