Another Unpalatable Humor.

Orininally posted by Xanthis on 5th August, 2008. I am just reposting it here.

It’s obviously not our fault that we expect sensible speeches from responsible men. But it’s our fate that we get completely insensible speeches. Our Chief Election Commissioner A.T.M Shamsul Huda has several times given us opportunities to get concerned with his poor sense of humor. We actually gave up all reasons to take CEC Huda seriously when he was presenting logics to name Maj. Hafizuddin as General Secretary of BNP with restless mumbling. But now he has reached into a position that now we can build up a chronology of CEC Huda’s poor humorous speeches. Our most honorable CEC has said,

“The state of emergency will ensure more security on the polling day for voters.”

I suggest there is something better that will make CEC feeling safer about the voters. There are lots of police personnels on duty due to the election. Now, the CEC should arrange all of them to remain armed for all the time and carry sufficient amount of ammunitions. Then, check-posts should be installed on each approachable street to poling centers, where police will halt every man & woman trying to pass by. Everyone will have to show their voter ID cards and other necessary documents to prove self to be the voter. Now, if someone fails to show such papers Police will have right to shoot them at the very next moment right on the spot. The system can be made full proof by shooting children and under 18 youngsters immediately after having in sight, because they surely will fail to provide necessary papers and this kind of worthlesses have no right to share oxygen and other resources of Bangladesh. Only those will survive from check posts to the poling centers who will have papers. There are several attractive advantages of this procedure,

  • No unauthorized guys will roam around some hundred kilometers of poling centers.
  • Completion of voter ID cards project with unquestioned perfection. (as people without papers will be killed, this means only ID cards holders will survive, that is a 100% Bangladeshi will have voter ID cards… wow!)
  • Utmost security of voters, candidates, losers, winners officers etc. in the circumstance
  • “The Bull is Dead!” – ultimate victory in the acid test, or the “Spanish Bull Fight” (that’s how CEC named his journey to the acid test)

What do you think? Isn’t it a better procedure to ensure voters’ safety? This idea will not only keep voters safe but also will preserve the purity and perfection of the election from all possible nuisances to be created by bloody politicians. This is a far more appreciable idea than state of emergency, eh?

Who on this earth has ever heard of such a ridiculous idea of ordering state of emergency to ensure voters’ safety?

Nobody else but Bangladeshi people, have heard yesterday.

After reading this article of New Age written by Capt. Hussain Imam, another thing has appeared in my mind. In that article named , writer has mentioned about ‘unpalatable humors’ of almost all important personalities of Bangladesh, apart from the present Chief Election Commissioner. Who knows? May be the CEC has read that article, found his name nowhere, gone frustrated, thought all over the night that what can be the shaky speech that he would give, found the speech and jumped shouting “eureka! eureka!” The speech that he found is the one mentioned earlier.

After reading this post, readers definitely are thinking that how a post has been published with this much of stupid talks.

Explanation over this is, if the CEC can do, why not a blogger?

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