For The People Eyeing The Road to A Free Fair Election.

The Post was originally published on Xanthis Blog on 31st October, 2008. Here it is reposted without editing.

The present undemocratic, unelected and constitutionally proscribed government has virtualized a barometer that they use as a probability scale for the upcoming general election in December. They say this scale to be strictly showing that there will be a free and fair election in December this year. Every time an issue stands up that causes confusion over the election, they are to become stronger in their voices that “there is no confusion over election, politicians shouldn’t spread confusions”. Yesterday New Age editor Nurul Kabir has added some satire over the reality, that even the advisers, the fellow cabinet members when they are reached by him in some social gatherings, express their own confusions over the election when their conversation turns to a little more personal to nearer ones.

[Nurul Kabir told in Channel One’s Nirbachito Khobor:
বর্তমান সরকারের যারা উপদেষ্টা রয়েছেন, এখানে সেখানে তাদের সাথে যখন আমাদের কথা হয়, কানে কানে জিজ্ঞেস করলে তারাই তো বলেন, কি জানি ভাই ইলেকশান হবে কি না জানিনা]

Highest ranked people of the government among those who can be reached by the press but do not enjoy the power of the policy-maker, actually have no reasons to be believed as the reflectors of the real scene that his going on inside the present regime.

The truth is getting brighter as the election is closing in, that is they are only the civilian cream of a military backed government, is the velvet covers of an unwanted iron hand, should be designated as nothing more than errand men. As far as they are not allowed at the policy-making end of this regime, it’s expected that many of their speeches will have contradiction to the reality, as they themselves are not told the full story. So, it won’t be our bad if we underline the Appellate Division’s rejection of Hasina’s bail appeal two days after the unofficial spokesperson of this undemocratic regime Hossain Zillur Rahman told that there remains no legal blockade that could bar Sheikh Hasina and Begum Zia from the general election. People, who immensely look for a free fair election but never have come to believe this regime’s fable of a free and fair election in December this year, may remain impassive after the Appellate Division has made Hossain Zillur looking like a fool. But people, who have been nourishing their utmost optimism over a free and fair election by the end of this year, now should rethink a few things those they should have been taking under consideration from long before.

What can be a more unpalatable misfortune than a nation having this much uncertainty over an election that is very much up ahead? How somebody can have the right to blame others, who themselves tomorrow states the election will surely take place and the other day say there remains uncertainty? Don’t we find a free and fair election was never certain if we look back?

There are a lot of reasons to not get convinced that a free and fair election will take place by the end of this year. There have been many times where this regime has gone through the other way than what they told. There have been many times the words given by this regime has been proved to be fake and for sake of buying time by convincing the people. I have previously written these same very sentences many times in many posts. I like to show some reasons behind this of my opinions. Readers are requested to keep patience while going through my reasons given here.

Naked partialities in arbitrary arrests of politicians. Arbitrary arrests of politicians and shameless partiality to protect leaders those had belief on this regime more than a priest has on Christ. Do you think Sadek Hossain Khoka, Mannan Bhuiyan, Tofael Ahmed all are saints thrown from the heaven?

Patronage for establishing traitors’ factions in both the parties. The line between traitors and loyalists in BNP is now too clear because the October 29 hijack attempt was too noisy. On the other hand the attempt over Awami League has been a semi-success completely under disguise and still in action. Do you think Tofael-Amu-Suranjit-Razzaq quadro even does care about what Zillur Rahman thinks and wants? Don’t you know Sheikh Hasina had wanted names of those went to Heathrow to receive Amu? Don’t you know Sheikh Hasina sat him at the waiting room for hours and finally hasn’t seen him?

Double role about dynastical appointments. One of the major issues of this regime’s overthrowing the democracy was, removing political dynasties and family favouritism. BNP’s reformist Enam A. Chowdhury, kingpins of Oriental Bank scandal Selim A. Chowdhury and Masud A. Chowdhury, Foreign Adviser Iftekhar A. Chowdhury all are brothers having same parents. D. Fakhruddin Ahmed is their sisters’ husband while Hassan Mashhud Chowdhury is a cousin. Nazim Qamran Chowdhury, the husband of ex-adviser Geeti Ara Safia Chowdhury, who is charged in a graft charge, is another cousin who has never been sued. All these men and women from a single Sylheti Chowdhury family, can you show me a more depraved example than this ever took place in Bangladesh? Note it, the Oriental Bank misappropriation was done when D. Fakhruddin was the Governor of Bangladesh Bank.

Spiteful biasing of the anti-graft drive. The ACC anti-graft drive, more than a jihad to abolish corruption, has been a tool of political repression and keeping some officials under the thumb. GATCO graft case, which pulled almost all of the senior BNP 2001 cabinet members to the court, had two important names as suspects of grafts. They are D. Sadat Hussain and Maniklal Samaddar. These two have been cleared by the ACC investigation. D. Sadat, the overnight shushil, is now the Public Service Commission chairman and Manik Lal Samaddar has been named as the special assistant to Fakhruddin, equivalent to a minister. Anti-graft mujahidin, eh?

Minus Two Formula. There is no reason to forget the hide & seek game with Sheikh Hasina and unofficial house arrest of Khaleda Zia. There is no reason to forget the Home Ministry resolution that described how a threat Sheikh Hasina is to the national security and tranquility. Continuous attempts to send Begum Zia abroad for physical treatment and her constant denial are also not to be forgone.

• Severe mistreatment and brutalities with politicians. No other government after the end of cold war has been this brutal to politicians like the present undemocratic and unelected 1/11 government has been. The death of BNP leader Qaiyum Khan, who being a heart patient was not visited by a doctor for single time in his eleven month detention, was also kept unreachable to his family. He was allegedly tortured to death. We also have noted the vicious mistreatment and brutality with Chittagong’s popular mayor Mahiuddin Ahmed, who was barred from a court-ordered release, ultimately couldn’t get to his dying teenage daughter who died after her long fight with cancer. Who will answer the tears of Mahiuddin which he couldn’t resist while seated at Shah Amanat Airport departure lounge?  Brutal torture on Tareq Rahman, who is still uncertain about recovering ever in his life, has been left with two of the vertebral bones shattered due to estimated fall from a respectable altitude. Which of the mentioned brutalities above was has been felt necessary for a fair election? A government that has no respect for politicians, can they be relied for a free and fair election?

Election Commission’s complete loss of reliability. Can’t we remember how impudently the Chief Election Commission backed the unscrupulous treachery inside a political party? The CEC on September 1, 2007 told,

“জনাব মান্নান ভূঁইয়ার বহিস্কারাদেশটা অবৈধ ছিল, এটা শুধু আমিই মনে করি না, কমিশনের সবাই মনে করেন। এসব বিবেচনা করেই হাফিজুদ্দিন আহমেদকে চিঠি পাঠানো হয়েছে। আরে বিএনপির তো সংবিধানই ঠিক নাই। যাইহোক, এসব রাজনীতির কথা, এখানে এগুলো বলে লাভ নাই। কেচো খুড়তে সাপ বেরিয়ে আসবে।“

Is this a statement from a man who is supposed to be neutral? A strong reason of unreliability lies in that statement from the Chief Election Commissioner. Now it’s your decision that whether he and his team are credible for a free and fair election.

Obscure treatment with Sheikh Hasina. If I am not wrong Sheikh Hasina was supposed to return home a week after the Eid-ul-Fitr. Now, there are happening a lot of talks invisibly so that all the realities cannot be explicable clearly. But having only some weeks before the election, Sheikh Hasina is still being obscurely barred to return home. Her party leaders ain’t seen sound to have her back to action. These are not at least signs of sincerity for a free fair election. This is also a reference to the second point.

Indefinite enforcement of emergency rules and denial to withdraw. Whereas the whole nation wants withdrawal of emergency rules, whereas both of the major parties wants the withdrawal without a delay, whereas one of the initial moral backers of this regime, the European Union wants the lift of these rules, the government is suspiciously and illegitimately wary to lift this tool of repression. A regime, who doesn’t feel comfortable to rule without having rights of people and freedom of all barred by the emergency rules, is difficult to rely for prosperous moves.

Repression and biasing over media. We shouldn’t be forgetting the events of August 17-21, 2007. We shouldn’t be forgetting the repression of the media, when no TV channels were allowed to broadcast their scheduled news shows. There was a mail to BDNews24 admin which asked him to not dare to be on air until further notification. We have also noted the fax from a special agency after Begum Zia’s release which mentioned phony information of Tareq’s leaving for abroad. Closure of CSB News in name of anti-graft drive and putting control over late night Ekushey Television political show are also to be remembered. Dirty role of Prothom Alo and Daily Star all over the 1/11 tenure and ACC’s complete overlooking the graft charges of Transcom boss Latifur Rahman is another addition. A government having true and honest sincerity towards an election; Are they usual to have necessity of such acts?

Impudent partiality. Playing blind about Ali Hasan Mujahid has been too noisy. Complete surrender to Islamic organizations has been too naked. Ali Hasan Mujahid’s meeting with Chief Adviser under an issued arrest warrant has abolished the total neutrality of the present government. It’s not like they have been neutral in all other cases than Mujahid’s one, but their sacred treatment of Ali Hasan Mujahid has been a shameless showdown and it came clear that, they are not to be relied as neutral.

After having all these points in knowledge, can we be so bum to count days for a free and fair election? Under this government?

When The Media Turns Into Evil.

Sunita Paul
6 September, 2008. India.

Media can play important role in up building a nation, while the same media, being influenced by evil forces or vested interest, could turn into devastating element for any nation. Take the example of Bangladesh’s leading media group named Transcom Media, which owns a vernacular daily newspaper named Prothom Alo, an English language daily named The Daily Star, two periodicals named Shaptahik 2000 and Anandadhara. Recently the group has acquired ownership of an FM radio station named ‘Aina Broadcasting Corporation’ (ABC). The group is rather known as ‘Daily Star Group’ in Bangladesh, because of tremendous influence of its English language daily as well as its top most position amongst all competitor dailies.

Before going into notoriety of Daily Star group, let me first put focus at the back ground of the emergence of this business-media group. During early nineties, present owners of ‘Star Group’ turned financially bankrupt when its main figure Latifur Rahman’s paternal property W Rahman Jute Mills at country’s Chandpur district had to declare lay-off thus leaving thousands of workers and labors unemployed. Numerous cases were filed with the Chandpur district labor and criminal courts against Latifur Rahman and other members of the factory, as they defaulted payment of worker’s wages. On the other hand, W Rahman Jute Mills was listed as one of the top defaulting enterprises with Bangladesh Bank (Central Bank) for long standing loans.

But, luck started moving in positive direction, when Latifur Rahman’s wife’s cousin Anup Chetia (leader of ULFA separatist group) came forward with hidden help of finance in businesses in Bangladesh through Rahman. It is learnt that a few million dollars were placed with Latifur Rahman in re-organizing his collapsed business and ULFA kept a secret stake of shares in all businesses initiated by Latifur Rahman after receipt of this secret fund. Rahman understanding his failure in running industrial enterprise profitably launched a company named Transcom, which began businesses as the sole distributor of Nestle brand milk products in Bangladesh. Initial response although was very poor from the local market, due to solid financial back up from ULFA, Latifur Rahman managed to ultimately penetrate in the business and in few years, Transcom emerged as one of the mightiest enterprises in Bangladesh. Meanwhile, when Dhaka’s well respected journalist S M Ali took the initiative of launching an English language newspaper, Latifur was suggested by ULFA to buy shares, as such investment would buy media influence for the separatist group, which fights against Indian government in separating seven North-Eastern states within India.

S M Ali was successful in placing Daily Star at the forefront of Dhaka’s English press, because of his extra-ordinary qualities and courage. Just in few years, this newly launched newspaper sub sided most of the competitor dailies such as Bangladesh Observer, Bangladesh Times (now defunct), New Nation, Morning Sun (now defunct) and Financial Express. But sudden demise of S M Ali opened the opportunity for Latifur Rahman to swallow the newspaper. He brought Mahfuz Anam as the editor of the newspaper, who subsequently ousted ancestors of S M Ali and grabbed his shares. This was the beginning of notorious journey of Daily Star group.

Later, when Anup Chetia was arrested by Bangladeshi law enforcing agencies, Latifur Rahman stopped paying any share to ULFA. This was the first beginning of feud between notorious ULFA separatists and Latifur Rahman. It is widely rumored in Dhaka that, ULFA had hidden hands behind murder of Latifur’s daughter Shazneed Rahman, who was brutally raped and murdered right inside her residence at Dhaka’s posh Gulshan area.

But, the handsome investment from ULFA, gave Transcom an excellent opportunity to grow. Latifur decided to launch a vernacular daily newspaper with the initial capital of 10 million Taka in 1997. Prothom Alo recruited large number of top newsmen from Dhaka’s press community. It also had dynamic Matiur Rahman as its editor, which helped the newspaper to rapidly turn into one of the leading dailies in the country. Later two vernacular periodicals were also launched by this group, one with celebrated journalist Shahadat Chowdhury as its editor.

In some years, Transcom group acquired ownership of Pepsi, Phillips and several large industrial enterprises. Luck always clicked in favor of this business group, as far as its investments in media was concerned. None of the newspapers, belonging to Transcom group had ever faced any financial adversity. to such influential ownership of media projects, Latifur Rahman got the excellent opportunity of continuing various illegal businesses including import of goods from abroad under false declaration. Several consignments imported by Transcom were stopped by customs officials in Bangladesh and evidence of revenue evasion of millions of Taka was unearthed. But, everything was managed, by using the influence of Prothom Alo and Daily Star. Even after the political changes in Bangladesh on January 11, 2007, Daily Star group managed to send its Executive Editor Syed Fahim Munayem as the Press Secretary to the Chief Executive of the interim government. Even at later stage, when Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) issued notice on Latifur Rahman asking declaration of his wealth and assets, the entire issue was some how put into suppression with the help of Daily Star-Prothom Alo group.

Everyone knows the news about cracks in Jamuna Multi-purpose Bridge in Bangladesh. But, possibly no one knows the fact that the main reason behind such cracks was due to use of a particular brand of cement, which in the name of Portland Grey Cement is in fact fly ash mixed lowest grade cement. And, this inferior quality of cement went into various high cost projects in Bangladesh just because; chairman of the company producing and marketing this brand is none but Transcom’s Latifur Rahman. No one in the government dares to utter even a single word about Holcim, which supplied such cement to various projects, as they are afraid of wrath of Daily Star and Prothom Alo. Despite the fact that, both the newspapers are largest in circulation in Bangladesh, main purpose of these publications is serving the interests of Corporate Crime.

Prime intention of Daily Star group is to stand against various business groups, whenever there is any business rivalry with that specific company or individual. This group went into heinous propaganda against Beximco Group, Bashundhara Group and many others in past. There is even clean track record of dubious behavior of this group is sabotaging various projects in Bangladesh, with the ulterior motive of either supporting businesses of Latifur Rahman, Transcom or members of this syndicate.

Many projects were already sabotaged by this group, thus causing tremendous loss to Bangladesh’s economy. The latest episode of such rivalry of Daily Star group was with Bangladesh’s lone hard rock mining project at country’s Dinazpur district. Maddhyapara Hard Rock Mining Project (MHMP) became a pray of Daily Star for past several years. It is learnt that, some vested interest groups, including importers of stones and stone-chips from India, Myanmar and Malaysia are patronizing such media terror by Star, thus attempting to sabotage country’s most prospective project, which not only is already saving millions of dollars, but, also is set to turn into a huge prospect of earning millions of dollars from export of world-class Granite Tiles.

First rivalry with the MHMP began when Bangladesh government appointed Polish consulting firm Kopex SA, defying the fact that this firm had no experience of hard rock mining. It is learnt that, appointment of this Polish firm was a result of heavy persuasion from some high level corrupt bureaucrats in the Energy Ministry and Petrobangla. From the very appointment, the Polish consultant had been frantically trying to sabotage the project for reason unknown.

In June 2006, Kopex SA submitted a paper with the Energy and Mineral Resources Division saying, “Maddhyapara Hard Rock Mining project has become ‘virtually sick’ and the employer (the government) has suffered huge financial loss.”

It said Petrobangla and the project authorities, Madhyapara Granite Mining Company Limited, should ask Nam-Nam for final commissioning and test production immediately to ascertain the actual status of mine development.

“The Petrobangla and MGMCL should take over the mine after ascertaining its actual state and on documentation to establish the legal ownership of the mine,” it said.

Kopex said, “The Nam-Nam has complemented major installation of the mine in over 12 years but they have not yet done the final commissioning and test run although the original development period of the mine was 6.5 years since the signing of the agreement between Petrobangla and the company in 1994.”

Sources in Petrobangla, however, ditched the Kopex report, saying that the consultant should also be held responsible for the delay as it failed to come up with proper plan.

“Kopex also wants to be involved more with the mine for which it came up with such a report,” Petrobangla source added., on October 15, 2005, The Daily Star published a front page news item titled ‘North Korean company looks for legal coverage to finish task’. In this report, Daily Star said, “When completed, the Maddyapara hard rock mine will commercially sell 1.65 million tonnes of granite a year. The country annually imports 3.4 million tonnes of granite. Local production will save between $38 million to $58 million US dollars. The project has a life span of 45 years. However, the price of Maddhyapara granite will not be cheaper than the rocks that are commonly imported from India because of the increased project cost.”

It was clearly understood that the report was published with the very intention of killing the project to protect the interest of importers-exporters syndicate, which enjoys business of millions of dollars every year by continuing to import stone from India and other countries. In this report, Daily Star claimed that the cost of production of MHMP hark rock was higher than imported one, which is nothing but a clean deviation from truth. It is learnt from dependable sources that, production cost for each tons of hard rock from Maddhyapara project stands at US$ 10 while the minimum import cost is US$ 22.

On May 18, 2006, Daily Star once again published a front page report titled “Petrobangla to take it over from DPRK firm”, where it repeated the same lie on the price of the locally extorted hard rock. It said, “Maddhyapara granite will however not be cheaper than the rocks that are commonly imported from India because of the increased project cost.”

Nam-Nam Corporation successfully completed and handed over the project in May last year and meanwhile; commercial production in the project is already going on. Due to timely steps taken by the present government in Dhaka, locally produced stones are purchased and used in various domestic projects on priority basis, while the cost of local stones are more than half the cost of imported ones. Being totally frustrated at the completion of the project, vested interest groups once again managed to published another front page report in The daily Star on May 16, 2008 titled “Miner now wants return of non-existent loans”.

In this report, Daily Star wrote, “Nam-nam is now operating the mine with 65 South Koreans under a one-year service contract due to expire on May 27. As it did not fully transfer the South Korean technology to the MGMCL, it will get yet another year’s service contract, the sources said.” part of the news shows two things. One, the reporter knows nothing of the project but was writing thing being dictated by vested interest groups. In the same news, while the reporter said Nam-Nam is a North Korean company, how he could discover 65 South Koreans in the project (does he lack the minimum knowledge that North and South Korea do not have any diplomatic relations as yet?). The reporter also said that, Nam-Nam is not fully transferring South Korean technology to MGMCL. Ridiculous, who edits and passes such rubbish news in Daily Star? Being Dhaka’s leading dailies, it should be ashamed of such poor journalistic quality. The entire report as well as all previous reports is part of propaganda and conspiracy to kill the entire project, which stands as the most prospective one for Bangladesh. Anyone can easily understand that, vested interest groups, including enemies of North Korea are patronizing such dangerous campaign not only to sabotage the project, but, also to give a good lesson to the North Korean company for being dedicated and helpful to Bangladesh is saving millions of dollars from import of hard rock.

Bangladesh government not only needs to patronize this extremely profitable and viable project, but even needs to go into fresh negotiations with Nam-Nam or the North Korean government in signing fresh agreements for exploration of more mining projects in the country. According to mining experts several more hard rock mines are already existing in the Northern region of Bangladesh, which will be able to help the country in stopping import of stones from abroad, thus saving billions of dollars each year. At the same time, government needs to identify vested interest groups within Energy Ministry and Petrobangla in order to not only protect the national interest but also to punish the culprits for their notorious roles.

Further harassment of the North Korean company will earn bad reputation for Bangladesh from the potential foreign investors. Nam-Nam deserves to be appreciated for completion of the MHMP despite series of harassment and non-cooperation from the Energy Ministry and Petrobangla.

* * * * *

Sunita Paul is a Indian writer, columnist, political analyst and regular contributor of American Chronicle, The Global Politician and The Asian Tribune.

We’ve Gone Numb.

I was browsing the blogs which I usually visits and found this post in Xanthis’s blog. You must read the post I think. I posted the article here. Thanks to Xanthis for his article. And I think your mind will say the same.

Our Chief Election Commissioner (CEC).

This post originally published in Xanthis WordPress Blog. I am just republishing it to my blog because I found it interesting. Read it.


একটি গণতান্ত্রিক দেশে সরকারের যেকয়টি অংশ সরাসরি ভাবে গণতন্ত্র রক্ষার কাজে নিয়জিত থাকে, তার মাঝে প্রধান হচ্ছে নির্বাচন কমিশন। দেশে একটি সুস্থ রাজনৈতিক পরিস্থিতি বজায় রাখতে এবং সাধারণ মানুষের প্রধান দাবি দ্রব্যমূল্য নিয়ন্ত্রনে ব্যর্থ বর্তমান সরকার বারবার তাদের নির্বাচন করার সদিচ্ছাকে আকড়ে ধরতে চেয়েছে। প্রধান উপদেষ্টা, অন্যান্য উপদেষ্টাসহ সেনাপ্রধান বিভিন্ন অনুষ্ঠানে বক্তব্য রাখতে গিয়ে ডিসেম্বারে সাধারণ নির্বাচন করার উপর জোর দিয়েছেন। ব্যপারটা অনেকটা এরকম ছিল, যেন এই সরকারের কর্তাব্যাক্তিরা জনগণকে বোঝাতে চেয়েছেন, দ্রব্যমূল্য নিয়ন্ত্রনে তো আমরা ব্যর্থই হলাম, তো আপনারা উত্তেজিত হবেননা, আমরা নির্বাচন করতে ইনশাল্লাহ ব্যার্থ হবনা। এই পয়েন্টে যে ভদ্রলোক বিশেষ ভাবে জোরালো ছিলেন, তিনি হলেন স্বয়ং প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার এ টি এম শামসুল হুদা। গত ফেব্রুয়ারি মাসের মাঝামাঝিতে ভদ্রলোক তো রীতিমত অভিমানই করে বসলেন। ইউরোপিয়ান ইউনিয়নের একটি প্রতিনিধি দল ওনার সাথে দেখা করে নির্বাচনের ব্যপারে আশাবাদ ব্যাক্ত করার পর তিনি অভিমান করে বললেন,

“বিদেশিদের তো নির্বাচন নিয়ে কোন অনিশ্চয়তা প্রকাশ করতে দেখা গেলনা, তারা তো নির্বাচনের ব্যপারে বেশ আশাবাদি। তো দেশে মানুষ নির্বাচন হবে কি হবে না সে বিষয়ে এত সন্দেহ করছেন কেন, তা তো বুঝতে পারছি না।“

প্রকৃতপক্ষে, প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার সাহেবের এই বুঝতে না পারার কারনেই আমার এই লেখার আবির্ভাব। প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার নামটি বেশ লম্বা। আর যেহেতু আমি ওনাকে সাহেব ছাড়া আর অন্যকিছু ডাকতে আগ্রহি নই, তাই আমি এই পুরো নামটার একটা সংক্ষেপ রূপ দিলাম। প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার সাহেবের বদলে আমরা বরং ওনাকে প্রনিক সাহেব নামেই ডাকি।

আগামি ডিসেম্বার মাসে নির্বাচন হবে, এই ইস্যুতে ক্যাম্পেইনিং-এর সবচেয়ে জোরালো বক্তব্য রেখেছেন ও রাখছেন প্রনিক সাহেব। মূলত ভোটার লিস্টের কাজ কদ্দূর কি এগিয়েছে, তা কদ্দূর উৎসাহব্যঞ্জক, নাকি প্রচন্ড হতাশাব্যাঞ্জক সে ব্যাপারে আমি খুব ওয়াকিবহাল নই। তাই অ্যামেরিকার তাগাদায় (নির্দেশে) বায়োমেট্রিক লিস্ট, যাকে ভোটার লিস্টএর নামে চালানো হয়ে আসছে, সেই লিস্ট তৈরির কাজ শেষ না হওয়ার কারনে নির্বাচন হবেনা এই ব্যাপারে আমি খুব নিশ্চিত করে কিছু বলতে পারছিনা। সেদিন দৈনিক নয়াদিগন্তের জনাব ফরহাদ মাজহারের একটি উপসম্পাদকীয় পড়ে জানা গেল, ভোটার লিস্ট তৈরির কাজ বর্তমানে যে গতিতে চলছে, তাতে ডিসেম্বারে একটি সুষ্ঠু নির্বাচন অনুষ্ঠান স্বপ্ন হিসেবে দেখা যেতে পারে, তবে বাস্তবে তা হওয়ার সম্ভাবনা কম, হলেও তা কোনভাবেই সুষ্ঠু হিসেবে গণ্য করা যাবে না। আমি আশা করি দৈনিক নয়াদিগন্তের উপসম্পাদক আকাশ বাতাস থেকে তথ্য নিয়ে এই লেখাটি লিখেননি। এবং এই তথ্যটি যদি ঠিক হয়ে থাকে, তবে প্রনিক সাহেবের বক্তব্য গুলোকে খুব বাস্তবসম্মত হিসেবে ভাবা যাচ্ছে না। সবচেয়ে বড়কথা, তিনি নিজে বিভিন্ন রাজনৈতিক বক্তব্য দিয়ে যেভাবে বিতর্ক সৃস্টি করছেন, তাতে তিনি যে নিরপেক্ষ নন, সেটা বোঝার জন্য খুব বিচক্ষন হওয়ার প্রয়োজন পড়েনা। বিএনপির সংবিধান ঠিক আছে কি নেই, সেটা যাচাই করার মাপকাঠি তিনি কোথায় পেলেন আমি জানিনা, তবে এতটুকু বলা যেতে পারে, “বিএনপির তো সংবিধানই ঠিক নেই”, এরকম অবিবেচনাপ্রসূত স্ট্রেইট ফরওয়ার্ড কথা আমি বিএনপির আর্ক রাইভাল আওয়ামি লীগের কোন নেতাকেও কখনও বলতে শুনিনি। পিস টিভিতে ড. জাকির নায়েককে বলতে শুনলাম, যাবতিয় বাজে কথার উৎপত্তি হল পাপ ঢাকার প্রয়াস থেকে। প্রনিক সাহেব মেজর হাফিজকে ‘গঠনমূলক’ আলোচনার দাওয়াতের কার্ড পাঠিয়ে যে অপকর্মটা করেছেন, সেটাকে ক্ল্যারিফাই মোটকথা হালাল করার প্রয়াসবশতই এই জাতিয় বক্তব্য গুলো আসছে, সেতা মোটামুটি নিশ্চিত। শুধু তাই নয়, প্রনিক সাহেব এর ফলোআপ হিসেবে বলেছেন,

“জনাব মান্নান ভূঁইয়ার বহিস্কারাদেশটা অবৈধ ছিল, এটা শুধু আমিই মনে করি না, কমিশনের সবাই মনে করেন। এসব বিবেচনা করেই হাফিজুদ্দিন আহমেদকে চিঠি পাঠানো হয়েছে। আরে বিএনপির তো সংবিধানই ঠিক নাই। যাইহোক, এসব রাজনীতির কথা, এখানে এগুলো বলে লাভ নাই। কেচো খুড়তে সাপ বেরিয়ে আসবে।“

একটি সম্পূর্ণ নিরপেক্ষ সংস্থার প্রধানের পদে থেকে প্রনিক সাহেব কিভাবে এরকম বক্তব্য দিতে পারেন এবং দিয়ে টিকে থাকেন, সেটা এক মস্তবড় আশ্চর্য ব্যপার। এই প্রনিক সাহেবের নিয়ন্ত্রনে একটি সুষ্ঠু নির্বাচন কিভাবে সম্ভব? দেশের মানুষকে যে প্রতিনিয়ত আশা দেখিয়ে নেয়া হচ্ছে, সেই আশা পূরণের নমুনা কি এই? রাশেদ খান মেননের মতে নির্বাচন কমিশনার সাখাওয়াত হূসেনের বক্তব্য শুনের মনে হয়েছে জামায়াত ইসলামের একজন মুখপাত্র কথা বলছেন। আর গয়েশ্বর রায়ের মতে, এরকম বিতর্কিত বক্তব্য দেয়ার পর প্রনিক সাহেবের নিজে থেকেই পদত্যাগ করা উচিত। আমি আমার এই লেখাটা শুরু করেছিলাম এই বলে, একটি গণতান্ত্রিক দেশে সরকারের যেকয়টি অংশ সরাসরি ভাবে গণতন্ত্র রক্ষার কাজে নিয়জিত থাকে, তার মাঝে প্রধান হচ্ছে নির্বাচন কমিশন। আর সেই কমিশনের প্রধান যদি প্রকাশ্যে একটি রাজনৈতিক দলের বিপক্ষে অবস্থান নেন, তবে দেশের মানুষকে বিশ্বাস হারালে তাদের কি দোষ দেয়া যায়?

২০০৮ সালের ডিসেম্বার মাসে একটি সুষ্ঠু নির্বাচন অনুষ্ঠান সম্ভব নয়, এটা ভেবে নেয়ার যথেষ্ট কারণ রয়েছে।


অবসরপ্রাপ্ত ব্রিগেডিয়ার জেনারেল আ স ম হান্নান শাহ এবং গয়েশ্বর রায় পৃথক পৃথক ভাবে প্রধান নির্বাচন কমিশনার ড এ টি এম শামসুল হুদার পদত্যাগ দাবি দাবি করেছেন।


Story of the inhuman kinds.

Mr. Qayyum Khan was an elected local government representative in Dhaka constituency surrounding the military base in Dhaka. A few politicians have been arrested during the first hours after the military takeover on 11 January 2007. Mr. Qayyum Khan was one of them. Since then for the last 13 months, the authorities have kept Mr Khan in custody without even any charges made, forget about conviction. Although highcourt ruled his detention illegal and he was forced to be released on 10th January 2008, he was immediately arrested at Jail Gate. No specific charges were not made this time also. After being detained in Jail for 13 months without any trial and charges, Mr. Qayyum Khan finally came out last night. As a dead body. Mr. Khan died under custody.

Read the full story from Rumi Ahmed’s Blog.

Part-2: Lab Aid Hospital : The Killing Machine.

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Lab Aid Hospital : The Killing Machine.

(Originally Publisher on Xanthis Blog . This article published same to same as the source blog. Without editing.)

Complaints of mistreatment at Lab Aid Hospital are nothing new. Mismanagement, over-billing, erred treatment, misbehavior of stuffs, have been told of for last few months due to some incidents centralizing Lab Aid Hospital. All these dirty things have been camouflaged by fancy advertisements with handsome models and TV jingles sung by Habib Wahid. But, by this time, people those have earned experience of getting treatment in Lab Aid Hospital, have come to know what dirty & shabby staffs are being hidden under those fancy commercials.

Death of The New Born Baby

Death of a new-born baby, whose parents come from Old Dhaka, claimed that their child died from erred Lab Aid treatment. The thing was simple and nothing legally wrong with Lab Aid still then. But some incidents those took place in Press Club while mourning parents preparing a press conference, led people to smell a rat. First of all, the booking of dead child’s parents for press conference floor at Press Club was suddenly canceled by authority and the authority was just unreachable, in phones & personally. Secondly, when that couple came to street in front of Press Club surrounded by people & journalists, some musclemen pushed them out of the scene forcefully after few minutes. Then, some reporters contacted that couple and came to know, that the Press Club president has been bribed off by Lab Aid authority and some musclemen hired by Lab Aid authority showed up & threatened them while appearing to streets. Even the local police was biased and probably well-fed by Lab Aid, denied to take any action though they have been approched. Then people understood the thing, this desperation of Lab Aid to suppress the total thing fully shows that that child has died from erred treatment of Lab Aid. Father of that child told to bdnews24, “We came to Lab Aid & were ready to pay to be served with the treatment which Lab Aid shows in their advertisements to offer. But look what they did to my child. They killed my child.”

Death of The Heart Patient, Father of a Former Student of My University

Read on the death of father of a former student of my university, who died from erred treatment of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital. Look at the video that what hides behind fancy commercials. The video given bellow is of the Bed-9 of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU), where his father died on the following day of taking this video. Bleeding is going on from stitches, wall of the room is too poor to make comment, the room is horribly shabby for Lab Aid. I know there are poorer hospitals which have more horrifying scenes than this. But this is the room and this is the treatment, for which Lab Aid charged Tk.5, 00,000 from the family. Read further on this which has been written by the son of this person. The son of the person, who died from erred treatment of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital.


The person that you are watching on this video is not in this world anymore! He died on 11 Nov, 2007 at LabAid Cardiac Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh while treating under Prof.(Dr.) Baren Chakrabarti, Prof. (Dr.) M. Matiur Rahman (who is actually not a professor, but using this fancy title) and Prof. (Dr.) Ali Hossain (the best doctors in our country with some fancy fake title.!!!).We trusted the fancy ads of LabAid, also trusted the fancy titled doctors and nurses. But look at the real picture of Lab Aid’s CCU Bed No. 8. After the surgery they left my father on the bed without any proper attention. The Lab Aid doctors are so busy to catch another new CCU patient, which they forget about stitching the surgery area of the current patient. Look at the blood all over the bed! Look at.. how clean Lab Aid’s CCU unit is!

I raised my voice when I saw the real picture of LabAid. For raising my voice I got slapped on my face in front of the all the people by the Lab Aid G.M. Mr. Imran Chowdhury.I am sure Lab Aid doctors who were involve with my father’s treatment has got a good amount of share from the bill, but can they really tell that the hospital/or even the doctor’s has done a proper treatment for that helpless guy Mr. A. K. M. Fazlul Haq (my father)? He was just lying on the CCU Bed No. 8 helplessly for 15 days and expecting his sons, also the doctors will take care of him properly. We have done our part from the bottom of our heart; we were ready to spend all of our savings and everything to get a proper treatment for our father, because he is our father who took care of us properly. But Mr. or Ms. Lab Aid administrators….Have you guys taken care of my father properly? I am sure you did not, because I am the one who is one of your victims. How come a person who didn’t even have any heart surgery or any type of major surgery, but got a bill for 5 and Half lac taka (BD Tk. 5,00, 000.00, AU$8,155.00, US$7,288.00)???Dr. Lutfur Rahman (Head of LabAid’s Cardiac Hospital) (I am pointing you because you are the golden son of our country), do you guys still wanna claim that Heart Surgery is cheaper in Bangladesh now? On 11 Nov, 2007 when my auntie (Ms. Sharmin Naaz, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes, Bangladesh Govt.) went to see with you regarding my father’s bill that time you mentioned about your contribution in Bangladesh. You were also talking about you can make 1 lac take in a matter of second. Well, done Dr. Lutfor Rahman…Well done! We’re really proud of your contribution (?) to our country! Here is one of your biggest contributions to our country’s medical history which was published on the Daily Janakantha on 19 Dec, 2007 — (”Lab Aid has become a human killing machine” The Daily Janakantha, 19 Dec, 2007″)Life is very interesting Dr. Lutfor Rahman! When we lost our love ones then we feel for it, but then we forget about it. Instead of forgetting about my father’s death, I want to raise my voice against LabAid Cardiac Hospital and request all of you to “STOP GOING TO THE LabAID for any heart treatment” and wanna make those doctors to understand that they should not play with any humans life, because no matter how powerful or rich they could be, they will never be able to give a life back to a dead man’s life! So, STOP around with a human life, OKAI Dr. Lutfor Rahman, Prof (Dr.) Baren Chakraborty, also the others who are involve in this human killing business!



Please raise your voice against these criminals who play with human lives, not only that, they charge high for this dirty game. Please let as more friends and relatives as you can let know about this incident. Warn them about Lab Aid Hospital. Let them know what hides behind fancy commercials. You may do this or not, at least keep yourselves away of Lab Aid Hospital.