Cristiano Ronaldo: I Want to Play for Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo has finally broken his silence.

Speaking from the Portugal training camp in Switzerland today, he has finally stated where he intends to play next season: Real Madrid. He told Terra magazine the following:

“I want to play for Real Madrid, but only if it is true they are eager to pay me and Manchester United what they have been saying they will.”

The statement will come as a blow no doubt to Manchester United and all its fans across the world. Ronaldo seemingly thinks his career will progress further if he joins Madrid, and money also seems to be on the mind by the tone of the quote above.

He also added “However, it does not depend on me. It is important to send a message.

“From now on I will not talk again about this until the end of the Euros. It is not worth asking me because I will not reply.”

Looks like United have a crisis on their hands to replace the goals aplenty that Ronaldo provided. Dont know what else to say really. I’m still in shock. Seems money has prevailed once again in luring a superstar to Spain.

I’ll still remember Ronny for the man who broke records, dazzled us with style and speed, and also for driving us toward back-to-back titles and our first European Cup since 1999.

You’re not the first legend to leave the club, and you wont be the last legend to don the red shirt…but no one man is bigger than the team and I’m sure not only Man United fans will echo these thoughts, but football fans in general.

Fabio Capello-New England Coach

Team England’s search for its new manager has come to an end. The ball club made final the designation Friday of Italian coach Fabio Capello as its new manager for the next four years and a half. The Football Association’s management has approved Capello’s appointment, who will receive $9.37 million a year, will formally take charge of the team on Monday. Capello, 61, succeeds Steve McClaren, and would hopefully bring Team England to the finals unlike his predecessor.

He has signed in with England after marathon discussions with FA’s board of directors.

“I am delighted that Fabio Capello has agreed to become England manager,” said FA chief executive Brian Barwick in a report on BBC News.

Barwick said Capello’s expertise would enhance the team’s goal of playing world soccer champships. He said Capello will bring in an all-Italian four-man support team with him: assistants Franco Baldini and Italo Galbiati, goalkeeping coach Franco Tancredi and fitness coach Massimo Neri.

An English assistant coach is to be added to the staff but his complete identity has not been announced. Reports said with under-21 coach Stuart Pearce is one of the contenders for this role.

Capello will perform his first duties for the team on Monday, in a formal news conference, though he would start work officially on January 7.

The Associated Press said he will face off with team Switzerkand for an exhibition match, while the credited square off will begin August 2008. This would be England’s beginning bid to qualify for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.