Part-2: Lab Aid Hospital : The Killing Machine.

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Lab Aid Hospital : The Killing Machine.

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Complaints of mistreatment at Lab Aid Hospital are nothing new. Mismanagement, over-billing, erred treatment, misbehavior of stuffs, have been told of for last few months due to some incidents centralizing Lab Aid Hospital. All these dirty things have been camouflaged by fancy advertisements with handsome models and TV jingles sung by Habib Wahid. But, by this time, people those have earned experience of getting treatment in Lab Aid Hospital, have come to know what dirty & shabby staffs are being hidden under those fancy commercials.

Death of The New Born Baby

Death of a new-born baby, whose parents come from Old Dhaka, claimed that their child died from erred Lab Aid treatment. The thing was simple and nothing legally wrong with Lab Aid still then. But some incidents those took place in Press Club while mourning parents preparing a press conference, led people to smell a rat. First of all, the booking of dead child’s parents for press conference floor at Press Club was suddenly canceled by authority and the authority was just unreachable, in phones & personally. Secondly, when that couple came to street in front of Press Club surrounded by people & journalists, some musclemen pushed them out of the scene forcefully after few minutes. Then, some reporters contacted that couple and came to know, that the Press Club president has been bribed off by Lab Aid authority and some musclemen hired by Lab Aid authority showed up & threatened them while appearing to streets. Even the local police was biased and probably well-fed by Lab Aid, denied to take any action though they have been approched. Then people understood the thing, this desperation of Lab Aid to suppress the total thing fully shows that that child has died from erred treatment of Lab Aid. Father of that child told to bdnews24, “We came to Lab Aid & were ready to pay to be served with the treatment which Lab Aid shows in their advertisements to offer. But look what they did to my child. They killed my child.”

Death of The Heart Patient, Father of a Former Student of My University

Read on the death of father of a former student of my university, who died from erred treatment of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital. Look at the video that what hides behind fancy commercials. The video given bellow is of the Bed-9 of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital’s Coronary Care Unit (CCU), where his father died on the following day of taking this video. Bleeding is going on from stitches, wall of the room is too poor to make comment, the room is horribly shabby for Lab Aid. I know there are poorer hospitals which have more horrifying scenes than this. But this is the room and this is the treatment, for which Lab Aid charged Tk.5, 00,000 from the family. Read further on this which has been written by the son of this person. The son of the person, who died from erred treatment of Lab Aid Cardiac Hospital.


The person that you are watching on this video is not in this world anymore! He died on 11 Nov, 2007 at LabAid Cardiac Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh while treating under Prof.(Dr.) Baren Chakrabarti, Prof. (Dr.) M. Matiur Rahman (who is actually not a professor, but using this fancy title) and Prof. (Dr.) Ali Hossain (the best doctors in our country with some fancy fake title.!!!).We trusted the fancy ads of LabAid, also trusted the fancy titled doctors and nurses. But look at the real picture of Lab Aid’s CCU Bed No. 8. After the surgery they left my father on the bed without any proper attention. The Lab Aid doctors are so busy to catch another new CCU patient, which they forget about stitching the surgery area of the current patient. Look at the blood all over the bed! Look at.. how clean Lab Aid’s CCU unit is!

I raised my voice when I saw the real picture of LabAid. For raising my voice I got slapped on my face in front of the all the people by the Lab Aid G.M. Mr. Imran Chowdhury.I am sure Lab Aid doctors who were involve with my father’s treatment has got a good amount of share from the bill, but can they really tell that the hospital/or even the doctor’s has done a proper treatment for that helpless guy Mr. A. K. M. Fazlul Haq (my father)? He was just lying on the CCU Bed No. 8 helplessly for 15 days and expecting his sons, also the doctors will take care of him properly. We have done our part from the bottom of our heart; we were ready to spend all of our savings and everything to get a proper treatment for our father, because he is our father who took care of us properly. But Mr. or Ms. Lab Aid administrators….Have you guys taken care of my father properly? I am sure you did not, because I am the one who is one of your victims. How come a person who didn’t even have any heart surgery or any type of major surgery, but got a bill for 5 and Half lac taka (BD Tk. 5,00, 000.00, AU$8,155.00, US$7,288.00)???Dr. Lutfur Rahman (Head of LabAid’s Cardiac Hospital) (I am pointing you because you are the golden son of our country), do you guys still wanna claim that Heart Surgery is cheaper in Bangladesh now? On 11 Nov, 2007 when my auntie (Ms. Sharmin Naaz, Assistant Commissioner of Taxes, Bangladesh Govt.) went to see with you regarding my father’s bill that time you mentioned about your contribution in Bangladesh. You were also talking about you can make 1 lac take in a matter of second. Well, done Dr. Lutfor Rahman…Well done! We’re really proud of your contribution (?) to our country! Here is one of your biggest contributions to our country’s medical history which was published on the Daily Janakantha on 19 Dec, 2007 — (”Lab Aid has become a human killing machine” The Daily Janakantha, 19 Dec, 2007″)Life is very interesting Dr. Lutfor Rahman! When we lost our love ones then we feel for it, but then we forget about it. Instead of forgetting about my father’s death, I want to raise my voice against LabAid Cardiac Hospital and request all of you to “STOP GOING TO THE LabAID for any heart treatment” and wanna make those doctors to understand that they should not play with any humans life, because no matter how powerful or rich they could be, they will never be able to give a life back to a dead man’s life! So, STOP around with a human life, OKAI Dr. Lutfor Rahman, Prof (Dr.) Baren Chakraborty, also the others who are involve in this human killing business!



Please raise your voice against these criminals who play with human lives, not only that, they charge high for this dirty game. Please let as more friends and relatives as you can let know about this incident. Warn them about Lab Aid Hospital. Let them know what hides behind fancy commercials. You may do this or not, at least keep yourselves away of Lab Aid Hospital.