Poll: Whom will you vote in next National Election of Bangladesh???

Which Party you are going to vote this 18th December, 2008 Bangladesh National Election?
Is it Awami League Or BNP? Is it any other party other than these two major parties? Give your answer. This just a poll. Please take part in it.

Vote for your favourite Bangladeshi TV Channel.

Vote for your favourite Bangladeshi TV Channel in the following site-


Facebook Vs Hi5 Vs Orkut Vs Friendster Vs MySpace.

There has been much press over the last year describing the difference between the two most popular North American social networks; namely Facebook and MySpace. The mainstream media would have us believe that there is a definite difference in the social class of the users of each site. Is it true? Does it even matter?  What about Friendster and Hi5 and others?

Here is a Mashable study of the most popular bands on MySpace vs Facebook. While music may not be a perfect indicator of the type of user on each social network it is definitely true that there is a difference in the people who listen to soft rock or ska music vs. rap, hip hop and punk music.

I’m not concerned with what type of person uses MySpace or Facebook or Hi5. What I want to know is which social site is the most popualar out there. I want you and your friends to vote and let THAT tell us which is the most popular site. Sure there are numbers out there that tell us how many subscribers each site has, but those numbers are obviously skewed by inactive accounts and users with accounts at multiple social sites. You may have several accounts, but that doesn’t tell us which one is YOUR FAVORITE.

So What do you think? Which online social network is best? Vote for your choice on my forum. Click the following link to vote.