ETV Exclusive: BDR Mutiny in Dhaka Inside Story.

This is the video after Army was entered the Pillkhana to find the Missing Army Officials and showed on Ekushey TV that day as an exclusive.

Bush Shoe Incident in Iraq.

CNN’s Take on Bush Shoe Incident, with additional video of Bush talking about it.

An Iraqi journalist threw two shoes at President George W. Bush at a News Conference during his surprise visit to Iraq today. The president ducked and the size 10’s missed. Among Muslims, throwing shoes at someone, or sitting so that the bottom of a shoe faces another person, is considered an insult.

Manchester United vs Chelsea Champions League Final Highlights 2008

You already know that this years UEFA Champions League winner is Manchester United.

I know many of you are searching highlights of the match both who seen the match and who missed the match due to any reason. Here I found an exciting site for this. You can see online highlights of this match.

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General Moeen U Ahmed interview by VOA.

Here is the interview of General Moeen U Ahmed By VOA. I found these videos on YOUTUBE. So posted here to share with you guys. There is two part of the interview.
Click on the full story link to see the videos and interview.

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Video: Benazir Bhutto’s Final Moments of Assassination.

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Cyclone Sidr: 3.5 Million People Homeless (TV Report)

Survivors Await Aid Bangladesh Cyclone Sidr Aftermath

Channel-i report on Cyclone Sidr